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Sports Performance

Sports performance is the offices newest addition. Programs are offered for anyone and everyone… from the weekend warrior to elite level athletes of all ages. Our sports performance specialists have extensive backgrounds in training athletes of various levels as well as nationally recognized credentials. Each program is designed with the athletes sport, skill level, age and gender in mind leading to a completely customized program

Sports performance specialists utilize various training aids in order to create the best individualized program for each athlete. Examples of equipment that is available for your use include bosu balls, free weights, free motion, vibration, unweighting, indoor turf, resistance training aids and plyometric aids. Typically, programs incorporate a mix of traditional strength training, flexibility, plyometric, balance and sports specific movement pattern work.

DiCesaro Spine and Sport offers training programs for individuals, small group, or team situations both indoor and out. Additionally, our McMurray location offers indoor turf for game simulation training. Below are listed a few of the services offered in more detail.

Our two facilities are in Moon Plaza on University Boulevard in Moon Township, across the street from Robert Morris University, and in the North Strabane Town Center on Washington Road (Route 19) in Canonsburg.

Most types of insurance plans are accepted.

Dicesaro Spine and Sport